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16 Gauge Wire Welded Mesh
Product Name type specification
16 Gauge Wire Welded Mesh DXRWELDED16G 1/2" ,3/4" ,1"x1/2",1-1/2",1"x2",1",2"
Product Content:

Welded Mesh used 16 gauge wire, the opening size can 1/2"×1/2" mesh, 3/4"×3/4" mesh,1"×1"mesh,1-1/2"×1-1/2"mesh, 1"×2" mesh,2"×2"mesh; 48" high x 100' long roll.
Other heights are also available: 12", 18", 24" 30", 36", 60" and 72".
Long lasting and rust resistant 16 gauge galvanized after welded wire,also can first galvanized then welded.
Coated PVC after welded wire according customer's demand.
These mesh are particularly useful for animal cages and enclosures, or other applications where rust prevention and long life are desired. It is ideally suited for use as ground wire for bird pens, rabbit cages and any application where a strong, long lasting, predator resistant mesh or fence is required,small animal cages, flooring in rabbit cages and anti-predator barriers for the perimeter of bird pens or gardens,flooring in chukar pens.
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